Thank your your interest in SOUPDIVE Franchise. We pride ourselves on serving excellent food and filling the void between expensive sit down and toxic fast food restaurant by serving premium foods at a reasonable price. At SOUPDIVE we serve only the best starting with fresh vegetables, fine sustainable seafood and Boars Head deli meats. We use only 100% extra virgin olive oil and all of our soups are gluten free. We cater to diners in search of a healthier alternative to toxic fast food with excellent selection for gluten free and vegan.

At SOUPDIVE, we believe that everyone should have these options. Therefore, we are looking for individuals that will share our passion to provide healthier options throughout neighborhoods across the nation.


Check out the steps to franchise ownership.

  • Visit SOUPDIVE locations.

  • Submit your "Request for Information" form and we will contact you to review your information and discuss next steps.

  • Submit formal application.

  • Meet with the franchisor and receive and review the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), contacting existing franchisees for validation.

  • Join us in Southfield, MI for Meet the Team Day and for your "In-Store Experience."

  • Receive SOUPDIVE approval, make payment and sign franchise agreement.

  • Prepare your individual business plan.

  • SOUPDIVE connects you with a local real estate broker to begin the site selection process.

  • Start formal franchise training.

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